Pastor Chad’s Link…

Some have asked me to share my call story with them to get to know me   better-describing the places I’ve been and what brought me to West Concord and Dodge Center. I’ve been thinking about this and a good way to share is through preaching.  As I recall my own calling, I would like to share my story in three distinct yet related parts across three Sundays, from the pulpit. My calling, the understanding that comes with the call, and the activity of ministry-making disciples-are these three parts.

October 2     “The Calling of Moses”- Exodus 3:1-17 & 4:10-17

October 9     “Understanding the Word” – Luke 24:44-53, 2 Timothy 2:1-10

October 16   “Go and Make Disciples” – Matthew 28:16-20

I invite you to hear my story of calling in these sermons. Perhaps you will at places find a kinship with where I have been, in that something resonates with you and your own story that relates to mine. If that happens, and you feel like sharing, I would gladly give a listen. We encourage each other in the faith when our stories merge. Thank you for this partnership we share in the mission of the gospel of Jesus Christ. See you in worship!

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Chad