“”Praying, ‘Our Father Who Art in Heaven'”
Praying can be like treading on foreign soil–uncharted, mysterious–always wondering what waits for us beyond our next word. 
 We are much more comfortable in our desire to see God in the beauty of the blue sky, or in the melody of a babbling stream.  But, God does not make himself known to us in those places?  For one reason, the blue sky can darken and hold a destructive tornado, and the stream can quickly become a roaring flood.  From nature, we get the impression then that God can curse as well as bless.  God speaks to us in his Word alone.  And we can talk to God in prayer.  Just imagine what joy and peace of mind we, as godly parents, can share with our children and any in need, as we struggle in a world held in fear, sadness and despair–caused by the powers of Satan, sin and death.  Perhaps you have recently heard of the horrific number of assault cases which have been placed on file for years, with no advocate to promote justice for countless women!
     In contrast, we call upon God to listen to our every word, the one who even listens to those unexpressed yearnings of our hearts, as we hope against hope. To call upon our God who listens, is to call God our Father–our Father who art in heaven–our Father who knows what we need, even before we ask; our Father who is as close as close can be; our Father who is gentle and sympathetic; our Father who is addressable, as he was with Adam and Eve, walking in the garden in the cool of the day!
     Yes, while heaven is God’s home, he also makes a place with us, his children, wherever we are.  And we turn to our Father in prayer and know that our prayers will be heard, just as the words of his only Son Jesus heard by our Father who is in heaven–our Lord, who has taught us to pray this inspired prayer, promising to fulfill every petition for which we pray: “thy kingdom, come; thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”  And our Father, will break the cruel oppressor’s rod, and gift us with his love in this world and the next.
Yours in Christ